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We love to problem solve, so when our customers tell us about an issue they face in their lab, we do our best to create a solution. If you have a challenging issue, contact us. We’d love to hear from you and see what we can do to help you.

All designed, fabricated, and tested in our Concord, CA facility made from the highest quality materials.

Cryo Frost Remover™ Removes Ice Build-Up from Cryotubes so the Barcodes Can Be Decoded

Ice and heavy frost prevent barcode scanners from decoding the 2D barcodes on the base of cryo vials taken straight from LN2 and ULF freezers. Most other attempts to address created other issues, so we designed an instrument that was free of heat, compressed air, alcohol, chemicals or elbow grease! Our mechanical brush-based device with instant start removes ice in about 12 seconds, enabling operators to keep pace with their workflow! Learn More…

Tube Selector™ Raises a Row of Tubes so you can pick up a single tube

96 well racks are packed very tightly with tubes. It is impossible to pick up a tube by hand without a tool so we designed the TubeSelector! It quickly raises a single row so the user can select a specific tube without missing a beat. Learn More…

Rack Thawing Station Defrosts Tube Racks in Less Than 20 Minutes

When liquid transfer tasks are required on frozen samples, the racks need to be defrosted quickly. At air temperature, it can take about 2 hours. Our Rack Thawing Station reduces that by 83% to just 20 minutes! With no warm-up time, narrow benchtop space and easy operation, it is the choice for efficient thawing of frozen samples. Learn More…

Ionizer Improves Accuracy of Balances in Ultra Dry Environments

The XL Ionizer is used in ultra dry environments to improve the accuracy of analytic balances! In such environments, as plastic test tubes are moved in and out of plastic tube racks, the test tube can accumulate an electrostatic charge. That charge can cause the test tube sample weight to appear to vary slightly when the tube is placed in an analytical balance, especially at low volumes. To fix this issue, we created the XL Ionizer to dissipate the electrostatic charge on the instrument deck, the balance, tube racks and the tube itself. Voila! Charge neutralized for improved balance readability. Learn More…

Vial Holders and Tube Racks

We get it, racks go missing, you don’t have enough of them, or you need something more durable designed for the demands of automation equipment. We created ANSI/SLAS format tube and vial holders for long-lasting, efficient automation on our XL Series systems or your own automation equipment. Our milled aluminum racks are used for many different vial sizes and formats, such as 6, 12, 24 and 48-well racks for plastic cryotubes, glass culture tubes, vacutainers and many more. Learn More…

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